JetZet - Travel Connected

JetZet makes your travel experience better from start to finish.

All Plans in One Place

The heart of JetZet is an easy travel management system, where you can organize all of your travel plans – flight, hotel, rental car, and more – in one place.

Real-time Updates

Share real-time updates from your trips, and get real-time travel information from other travelers.

Calendar Sync

Upload all of your travel plans directly to your Outlook, Gmail, or iCal calendars.

Maps & Directions

JetZet automatically creates directions based upon your travel plans, making it quick & easy to get to your destination.

Connect on the Go

Let’s say you’re heading to Dallas for work, and have a few extra hours. JetZet will show you all of your existing friends or connections - from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter - and you can message them directly from JetZet to meet up.


When you travel, it's important to make sure your travel plans are always shared with exactly the right people. With JetZet Circles, you have complete control over who each trip is shared with. Share one trip with family, one trip with co-workers, or another trip with a specific group of co-workers... JetZet Circles make it easy for individuals and businesses to manage all of their travel sharing in one place.

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