What is JetZet for Business?

Exclusive Branded Pages

Connect with your customers with your complete brand experience. A custom- built JetZet branded page gives your brand a platform on our site to engage with users, run promotions, and more. We build each page from the ground up, and only Partners can have custom pages on JetZet, giving your brand a great way to stand out from the competition.

Messaging Platforms

Organizing a conference? Operating a cruise? JetZet's next-generation messaging platform allows all of your attendees or customers to see who else is around, learn about them, and connect with them. Our messaging platforms also can include itineraries, schedules, photo and video sharing, and more.

Promotions, Deals & Advertising

Interested in running a promotion to a targeted audience or city? JetZet's advertising platform supports promotions, deals, and other types of integrated advertising. For example, users who are planning a trip to New York but don't yet have a hotel can see special offers from Partner hotels in New York. Once their trip is complete, they can see special offers from Partner restaurants or attractions. The options are endless.