Every time you travel, you cross paths with people who could potentially enrich your life. But how do you connect, network and interact with them?

JetZet is specifically designed to help you optimize your travels and enhance your overall trip experience. You could be on a train or a plane, at a destination or event, or waiting for a connection. Using our easy organizational tools, you can meet new and interesting people while you travel. People you ordinarily wouldn't have met. People who will make your trip that much better.

How was JetZet born?

JetZet was born from personal experience. As a commuter, Kiran would either go to sleep, listen to music, or read books. Every day he would see the same people, and wanted to know more about them and make new friends. He often saw two people sitting next to each other reading the same book, but they weren't talking to each other because they lacked a medium to connect. This lack of medium gave birth to JetZet. Kiran was joined shortly thereafter by frequent business traveler Nick, who saw the potential of the tool for all means of travel, and the mission to create an open world was born.